Results for tooth whitening vary from person to person and it is difficult to predict the result achieved. Whitening systems can be expected to improve the brightness of your teeth by a noticeable amount. 

There are three types of tooth whitening systems available in our office using Venus Whitening products.

Disposable Trays:  These are convenient and easy to use and come packaged in a one week supply with seven upper & seven lower trays that are prefilled with the whitening solution.  All you have to do is open up the package and place them in the mouth.

Custom trays have long been the most dependable and predictable method of tooth whitening.  The client has the greatest control over the amount of whitening desired.  Impressions are taken and custom whitening trays are fabricated.  We will show you how to dispense the whitening solution so you can do it at home and at your convenience.

In-Office Whitening allows you to  relax in the dental chair and have your teeth whitened in a little more than an hour. The teeth are isolated to protect the gums from the powerful whitening solution .  A follow up kit is provided including custom whitening trays and whitening solution to take home for additional whitening or periodic touch up.

All whitening systems can cause sensitive teeth and gums, but this resolves quickly.  Existing tooth colored fillings and porcelain restorations will not be affected by the whitening process.  Once the teeth have reached the desired new whiteness, these restorations can be replaced with the new color.

We have a very high level of confidence in Venus Whitening.  Talk to us soon if you would like to know more!