Do you have a missing tooth or teeth?  Do you have dentures that are loose and affect the way you smile or eat?

Dental Implants are an excellent and ideal approach to replacing a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.  Dental Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth.  They are anchored into the jawbone just like the roots of your natural teeth.

A Dental Implant is done in two stages.  There is the surgical component which involves placing a titanium post into the bone.  The surgery is done with local anaesthetic (freezing) and there is little or no post-operative discomfort.  In the case of replacing a single tooth, in the second phase the dentist would place a crown on the implant.  In the case of multiple missing teeth it may involve a fixed denture being placed.  Two or three strategically placed implants can be used to stabilize a complete denture.

In one survey, patients who had their ill fitting complete or partial dentures replaced with implants rated them nine out of ten – second only to natural teeth.  If you are worrying about your age…don’t! Dental Implants can be placed from age 15 to 90!

After a thorough consultation, a dentist can help you decide if implants are right for you by reviewing your medical history, examining you oral tissues and by taking impressions and radiographs.  If your dental evaluation shows that you are a good candidate for the implant procedure, you may look forward to smiling with comfort and confidence again!