Dental Care for Children

Children are a large and enjoyable part of the practice.   We begin seeing them regularly at age three. If you have any concerns in younger children, we would be glad to do a screening examination to answer your questions. Children begin their experience at Ottawa Heritage Dental with an orientation. 

This visit is scheduled with a Dental Hygienist and is a fun time of getting acquainted with the dental team and with the Office. With nitrous oxide gas and new technology, "freezing" young children's mouths is now usually as simple and even painless experience.

Some important Do's and Don'ts for your 
children's dental treatment:

Don't over-prepare them.  Please treat the dental appointment casually, and don't have a long talk about it.  Children will expect a more difficult experience if you do.

If you are anxious, please stay out of the room. Children are experts at picking up on adults' body language. If you feel tense or anxious in the dental office, this will be transferred to your child if you stand in the room with them.  Send them with a parent or relative who is comfortable with dentistry - or stay in the reception area.

Let us do the talking and explaining.  We need your child's concentration to do the best job, and we have to minimize distractions.  When the parent is talking or repeating, it divides the child's attention and makes it much more difficult to accomplish treatment.

Please re-assure your child with your presence, but be a "silent partner"

Watch Your Language.  We ask that emotionally-loaded words be avoided with children. We do not speak of needles, or drills to kids - and we must ask that you don't either.  Here are a few much better expressions that are standard language in our office:

Sleepy Medicine instead of Needle
Tooth Cleaner instead of Drill
Rubber Raincoat    instead of Rubber Dam
Wiggle a Tooth Out instead of Pull a Tooth Out
Tooth Counter or Feeler    instead of Dental Instrument

“Innocent” jokes about dental treatment often send a negative message that kids will readily pick up.  As is true in every area of parenting, modeling appropriate behavior will do much more to reassure your child than any convincing you might try to do.  We need you to walk the walk  in order to give us your complete support to ensure your child is a successful dental patient for a lifetime of good oral health